Lilly with her parents, James and Nikki

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Oprah's next young guest can do something most adults—including Oprah—can't do. At just 26 months old, Lilly Gaskin isn't potty-trained yet, but she's already mastered world geography.

Lilly's parents, James and Nikki, say they discovered her map skills by accident when she was just 16 months old. "Her uncle Brady went away to Taiwan for two years, and she was very close to Brady, so she wanted to know where he went," James says. "We pointed to Taiwan [on a map], and the next time she saw the map, she pointed to Taiwan."

Thinking it was merely a coincidence, James tested Lilly's memory by pointing out Japan and Malaysia. "The next time she saw the map, she pointed to Japan and Malaysia and Taiwan," he says. "Grandpa thought that was pretty cool, so for kicks and giggles, he pointed to a bunch of weird countries like Djibouti."

After a few lessons, Lilly was able to locate countries around the world—from Madagascar to Mexico!