Ethan Bortnick

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Some of the world's most talented and amazing kids are taking Oprah's stage! First up is 7-year-old piano prodigy Ethan Bortnick.

Ethan started playing at age 3 and was already composing his own pieces by age 5. Since then, he's shared the stage with music greats like Nelly Furtado, Gloria Gaynor and Patti LaBelle. He says he only needs to listen to a song once in order to memorize it. "Then I wait. I go, like, 'Oh, this is this,' and then I play it."

Ethan even has an unusual way of reading music. "One day, I was at a lesson with my teacher, and my teacher accidentally put the music upside down," he says. "So I was reading the music upside down."

Although he has a great talent, Ethan's not letting it go to his head. "We still have to stay humble," he says.