Oprah: So how are the children? ...

Nadya: They have their own needs. [Eight-year-old] Elijah is 14 kids all in one, in my opinion. And the eight babies, actually they're very, very, very easy babies. They are all incredibly healthy. And I have to tell you: I wouldn't be even thinking about anything other than it—the one child, let's say—if there were a problem. I am thanking God every day for their health.

The [3-year-old] twins, they need attention and I'm trying my best to give them their own special time every day.

[Five-year-old] Aiden has autism. He is doing amazing. ... Now he's saying a couple words and he's waving bye, and he just did that for the first time a week ago.

Oprah: Do you feel that you can give your children what they need and deserve?

Nadya: Absolutely not. No parent can. I live in guilt. And no parent could ever even imagine giving six children all of what they need emotionally, psychologically, physically. Again, you cannot. No couple could.


Oprah: So all the babies now are 14 months. You've got months, Nadya, before they're all 2.

Nadya: Oh, boy. But remember, Oprah, as they get older, it's more challenging. For me, my 8-year-old in and of himself is more challenging than all the babies combined. He has his own unique needs and he is very demanding, and I try so hard to get to his level and go into his world and try my best to meet his needs. Does that happen? No. Not always. But I try.


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