Oprah: As we were watching that tape, just taking a 24-hour look at your life, it's very clear that you, like a lot of mothers who have far fewer children, don't have enough time to really look after yourself. So if you're up all night long looking after your kids, pretty soon ... it takes a toll and you're running on empty. ... How are you surviving?

Nadya: Breathing, Oprah. Taking deep breaths throughout the day and staying connected to my kids. And you know what? Mothers have to understand, and this is really hard for me.


That is when I am thankful for help. I thank you, friends. I thank you, whoever is altruistic enough to help me and my nannies, for allowing me that opportunity to get some sleep, and then I recharge.

And [having a] healthy lifestyle—I cannot reinforce that enough. I am obsessed with healthy eating, and then I even think the crew saw me constantly chasing the kids to eat healthy food. Food, vegetables.



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