Oprah: I thought that was really insightful of you to say that you were a carnival attraction, but do you feel that you have contributed to that?

Nadya: Yes. Absolutely.

Oprah: Because when I saw that, like everybody else, I saw that cover of you on Star with [your] new bikini body, and I tell you, the first thing I thought was, "Why are you doing that?"

Nadya: Right. Right. I need to tell you why: 14 hungry mouths. Then a 15th here. And it is my responsibility. I own full responsibility for providing for my children. A parent must provide for their kids, not the other way around. I will never—from the beginning I've always been consistent with this—I would never do a reality show. That has been a lie from the very beginning. And I must provide for my children. Deep down, I was ashamed of [the bikini shot]. That is not my character. I am shy. I always have shied away from cameras. But I feel as though I needed to do something. And in doing so, I was able to provide for my kids. We have some of that money still left until I figure another way to make ends meet.

Oprah: So you made $100,000 from that?

Nadya: Yes. I did.


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