Oprah: I just had an epiphany here. Other people have addictions. You were addicted to having children.

Nadya The connection perhaps that felt so safe with the kids. Kids won't leave you. You can create this safe, predictable little society. I created this village, my own little safe, predictable, safe village.

Oprah: Do you feel inside that people really want you to fail?

Nadya I do not want to put people in a box. I feel as though every single person is unique and diverse, and I don't like to say people in general. There are people out there. Maybe the more insecure and more unhappy they are with themselves in their own lives, perhaps they would want to see this person that this octo-creature that they invented in the media fail. That Octomom is a fictional character. I never from the beginning really personalized anything associated to it, because it's an it. It's not a human. Okay? And the life they talk about has ceased to ever materialize. That life is not mine. That life is not my children's lives.


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