To Nadya, Octomom is nothing but a fictional character. "That's exactly what Octomom is: a carnival attraction," she says. "I'm not a celebrity. I'm a pseudo-celebrity catapulted into this big media mess. Did I want it? No. Was I in denial thinking that it wouldn't happen? Yes."

In reality, Nadya says she's a busy mom. Nadya's oldest, Elijah, is 8 years old. Next are 7-year-old Amerah, 6-year-old Joshua and 5-year-old Aiden, who has autism. Twins Caleb and Calyssa are 3, and the octuplets—Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Makai, Josiah, Jeremiah and Jonah—are 14 months old. 

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To support her family, Nadya walks a fine line with the media—selling her Octomom image while trying to maintain some privacy. "I've done things in the media I was not only not proud of, I was ashamed of," she says. "If I were to secure something in the media, I could in 20 minutes make what I could make in two months working 9 to 5 and being away all the time. It's unrealistic. It's a double-edged sword." 

Still, Nadya was not paid for her Oprah Show interview. "I want you all to know we did not pay Nadya a dime for this interview, neither have we ever paid in 25 years," Oprah says. "I don't believe in that."


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