Oprah: If you had it to do over, you would or would not implant the eight? I know you don't want to say the children are a mistake. But if you had it to do over, knowing what you know now? 

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Nadya: Knowing what I know now, if I had it to do over, they transferred in six and based upon my past reproductive history, they didn't do anything different. He didn't do anything different. But if I knew then what I know now, perhaps if I still chose to do it, maybe I would have transferred in far fewer. I never wanted more than maybe six, seven children total. Not double that.

Oprah: But you had six when you got them implanted.

Nadya: I had six. Yes, I did. As if that wasn't enough. I was receiving bills: "Your embryos are in storage and we have options to continue paying the storage or you have to pay this much. Or we can dispose of them." I couldn't imagine disposing of them. I figured, in my childish mind at the time, "I'm doing well and we're doing well in school, and I have all this energy," and I'm rationalizing. I'm justifying, and "let me transfer in what there is, the remaining embryos, and maybe one will grow". Maybe.


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