Oprah: Is the only way you can take care of your children is to make money through the media?

Nadya: Unfortunately. And I have never ever had a history of even wanting or been interested in the entertainment industry prior to having children. That's another erroneous misconception. I have never been interested in this industry. I don't believe it is the industry in and of itself that is duplicitous and corrupt. It is the media that enshrouds it. And I have been avoidant of that. I feel it is deleterious to children.

I would never do a reality series, anything associated to that, because that robs them of their childhood. And I think it's borderline abusive.

Oprah: You do.

Nadya: Yes, I do. Absolutely.

Oprah: Would you consider it? Maybe you will have to at some point to feed them.

Nadya: I feel there must be, Oprah, there must be some other way. I feel I may be decently intelligent. I know I want to delve into something in regard to education. Maybe using my voice to make, I don't know, some kind of difference in younger people's lives. There will always be an opportunity in an appropriate, respectable manner, not ever resorting to exploiting children. These are innocent lives, and they did not ask to be born. I brought them into this world, and it is my responsibility to take care of them. But I must provide for them. I've always felt that way.


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