Oprah: So how are you taking care of children, paying a mortgage and taking care of the three day nannies and being up all night?

Nadya: Not on government help. That has been one of the most erroneous beliefs out there. From the very beginning, ... I canceled food stamps. I was receiving food stamps with the six children for one year. Once I found out it was affiliated to welfare—and I was oblivious, I guess, at that time—I terminated them.

We were on private insurance, and we went on MediCal. Then we went off of MediCal [and] back to private because I do not want to be a burden on anybody. This is my choice. It is my responsibility to take care of them. So I have been ashamed of myself for going through certain, let's say, media outlets to provide for my children. And it has helped. It has helped significantly.


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