Oprah: Have you ever thought of putting a child, two children, some children in foster care or giving up some of the children for adoption so that they could be better cared for and you maintain some kind of relationship with them, obviously as their mother, but creating an environment where they would have, say, multiple parents so that the children could get more of what they needed? Have you ever really considered that?

Nadya: No. I will do anything in my power to secure what I need to, on my own, without exploiting my children, to secure revenue so I can provide that. There are a couple nannies that are very, very close to them, and they're very, very good friends. And I will do everything, everything as a mother to avoid that at all costs.

Even Aiden. A family member, it broke my heart when a family member, I'm not going to disclose who, said: 'How are you going to handle Aiden? In a few years you should put him in a hospital.' I would die before I ever—

Oprah: So you would never consider giving up any of your children?

Nadya: I know that sounds selfish, but I breathe for my children. I wake up for my children. I will do anything to secure the revenue on my own to provide for these kids.


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