Now 15 and 10, Daisy and Kris return with their dad to share how they're doing. As it turns out, the conversation about divorce doesn't end. It only gets harder.

Four years after their first session, Daisy and Kris meet with Gary again. The children tell Gary they have not seen their mother since before their original appearance. "I thought maybe we could see her again and talk to her," Kris says.

Kris says it isn't easy to see other kids with their mothers. "It just makes me feel like that kid has a great life," he says.

Though Daisy says life is sometimes "unbearable" without a mom around, she's been able to find stand-in moms to help her along the way. "My best friends, I look to their moms as my own," she says. "They're always there for me, and I can trust them." 

Gary says that's important for Daisy. "It goes to show you that family is not just about biology," he says. "There are people that can be like your family—whether they're related by blood or not—they can still be such close, wonderful people in your life."

Looking toward the future, Daisy says she's determined not to make her mother's mistakes. "If—when—I have kids, I'm not going to leave them," she says. "Even if we get a divorce, I'm not going to leave them there to suffer. I know how that feels."

No matter what, Kris says he knows he and Daisy will always have their dad. "He'll be there for you no matter what," Gary says.


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