In October 2010, Whoopi almost jeopardized her job at The View when she and co-host Joy Behar stormed off the set because of something guest Bill O'Reilly said during the live broadcast.

"[In my head,] I heard myself say something that would have cost me a great deal of money from the FCC," Whoopi says. "[I] knew that if I didn't get off the stage what was coming. I know Bill. I like Bill. I think he just got caught up in that moment and didn't realize that what he had said was too volatile."

After Bill apologized, Whoopi and Joy returned to the stage, but Barbara Walters, the show's co-host and executive producer, wasn't pleased. "Like all of us, she's entitled to her opinion," Whoopi says. "But I feel that that was what I needed to do. ... I don't regret very many things that I've done in my life, because they're my choices."

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