Palin's not the only person who was catapulted to fame once she was chosen as the vice presidential candidate. Levi Johnston, then Bristol's fiancé and the father of her baby, found himself in the public eye. The couple broke up in March 2009, about two-and-a-half months after their son, Tripp, was born. Since their break-up, Johnston has often spoken to the press, making unflattering comments about Palin and her family. He also has plans to appear in a Playgirl centerfold. "A bit heartbreaking to see the road that he is on right now," Palin says. "He's quite busy with his media tours, and he hasn't seen the baby for a while, but we will let that be the discussion between Bristol and Levi as they work out their relationship, because Levi forever will be the father of this most beautiful baby."

Palin says her daughter Bristol is in school and raising Tripp full time. "Bristol realizes, too, that she has it easier than a lot of other 19-year-old mothers," Palin says. "She has a lot of family support. But she is doing an amazing job, and her only public mission right now is to remind her sisters and to remind other young women, her peers, that there are consequences to unprotected sex."


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