One memorable moment during the Republican campaign was Palin's interview with CBS anchor Katie Couric. "It was supposed to be kind of light-hearted, fun working mom speaking with working mom and the challenges that we have with teenage daughters," she says. "I didn't do very well. I was annoyed with kind of her badgering of questions and didn't do so well. ... But I know that there were hours of tape that were shot, and I would think that those few minutes that were edited together, packaged together and shown to the American public, if people only know me from that interview, I don't blame people for thinking that I was not qualified, that I was ill-prepared, that those things that you would look for in a candidate, I was not." 

Palin says she believes Couric did not intend to paint her in a good light or let her gaffes go unnoticed. "She had just interviewed Joe Biden and he had made mistakes, but those were dismissed. They were ignored, and she moved on to talk about very substantial issues, and I wish that I would have been given that." 

One of the most news-making moments of that interview was when Couric asked Palin about the books and magazines she reads and Palin didn't give an answer. "Obviously, I have, of course, all my life read. I'm a lover of books and magazines and newspapers. By the time she asked me that question, even though it was kind of early on in the interview, I was already so annoyed and it was very unprofessional of me to wear that annoyance on my sleeve," she says. "I talk a lot about the Katie Couric interview in the book because I want the transcript to speak for itself. To show that she asked me 12 different times my position on abortion and the morning-after pill. She did not want, I guess, to hear my first candid, truthful response about being pro-life and wanting to usher in a culture of life and empower women to know that they were strong enough and smart enough to have that child."


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