In her book, Palin writes extensively about being instructed on how to answer questions and told to always stay on script.Still, Palin says she made the choice to abide by the campaign's wishes. "At the end of the day, I'm the candidate, and if I ever got sucked into that and allowed that handling of me to the detriment of the campaign, that's my fault. That's not their fault. They were just doing, I guess, what the staff was hired to do," she says.

Palin says she does not think the outcome of the election would have necessarily been different had her role been less scripted. "I think the reason that we lost, the economy tanked under a Republican administration. People were sincerely looking for change," she says. "I think, unfortunately, our ticket represented what was perceived as status quo. And so I don't think that I was to blame for losing the race any more than I could be credited with winning the race had I done a better job as the VP candidate."


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