Palin says she was surprised throughout the campaign that she was often told how to dress, what to say, who to talk to and even what to eat. "There were a lot of things we should have been worried about. What I don't think we should have spent a lot of time on was what I eat, and that was a focus of some of the campaign operatives, which was odd," Palin says. "I would have liked to have focused on what the issues were that the American public needed to hear about." 

Palin's clothes, and the fact that some pieces of her wardrobe were bought for her, also became a point of focus and controversy during the campaign. "I thought: 'Good. I don't like to shop,'" she says. "'That's going to be one less thing for me to worry about.' Never thinking it was going to be a big controversy, because it wasn't a controversy with other candidates—where did they get their clothes and who's styling their hair and all that. ... I think the male candidates have it a little bit easier in that arena."


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