The world has been fascinated with Palin since Sen. John McCain announced she would be his running mate. In her new memoir, Going Rogue, she writes about the moment she got the call that changed her life. Palin was at the Alaska State Fair when her candidacy was set in motion. Though there had been talk that Palin was being considered for the vice presidency, she says she didn't take those rumors too seriously at first. "There were other names that were being really considered, it seemed much more seriously, and I had heard that interviews and vetting was going on with those other candidates."

When she got the phone call from Senator McCain, Palin says she had no hesitation before saying yes. "I didn't blink," she says. "I felt quite confident in my abilities and my executive experience, knowing that this is an executive administrative job."

After that phone call, Palin flew to Arizona to meet with Sen. McCain and start the vetting process. "It went on for hours through that evening," she says. "I thought after all that, 'Wow, I better confess it now. The one skeleton that is in my closet.' By then, you know, they already knew about [my daughter] Bristol being pregnant. I said, 'The one skeleton that I have to confess to is I did [get] a D 22 years ago in a college course.' And I thought that was going to be the extent of the controversy of Sarah Palin's life."


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