During the 2008 presidential campaign, rumors swirled that Oprah had snubbed Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin by not asking her to appear on The Oprah Show. Now, just about a year after the former governor of Alaska lost her VP bid, she and Oprah are meeting for the first time.

Oprah says the supposed snubbing was actually just an attempt to keep her show separate from her public support for a candidate as a private citizen. "Because of that, I had made a decision not to have any of the candidates on my show during the campaign," she says. "So for the record, I just want to say that Sarah Palin never asked ... to be on the show."

Now that the campaign's long over, all bets are off. Palin is opening up about her family, her future, her decision to step down as Alaska's governor and what went wrong during the election.


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