Jill, a senior supervising producer at Harpo, took the challenge along with her husband and their two children. But not everyone in the family was excited. "I like meat. I don't know what my mom's going to feed us...probably apples every day," said Jill's son, Luke.

After she emptied her refrigerator of all items that came from animals, Jill said there was almost nothing left. With help from Kathy, Jill set out to make some vegan-friendly meals for her family. Jill told Kathy that her family's go-to meals are pizza, spaghetti and tacos. So Kathy showed her how to veganize those meals—using things like vegan cheese and meat substitute sauce.

Watch Kathy's cooking lesson with Jill

Jill says the challenge has been a life changer because it has made her a more conscious shopper. "I'm going to lean into it," she says. "It will not be full-throttle, but I will lean into it for sure."


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