Also in Vancouver, Evan Lysacek became the first American to win a gold medal in men's figure skating in more than 20 years.

Evan says winning gold still feels surreal. "I could have stood on that podium for hours. It felt like just a split second up there. So I think I have to just keep reliving it and maybe get a little bit of sleep, and when I wake up, I'll wonder if it's all real."

Still, Evan says he wasn't sure he'd land in the top spot when he finished his flawless performance. "But I knew that what I set out to do here in Vancouver had been accomplished, and I showed up just hoping that I was going to have my absolute best performance in the most important moment of my life," he says. "To have that performance was just icing on the cake of a fantastic week here."

So what's Evan's advice for young athletes who hope to be in his skates someday? "As an athlete, you have really great days and you have tough days," he says. "When you have those tough days and you have those trying moments, your love for what you do is going to get you through it."


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