Shaun says he's always competed for the love of the sport. "When my parents first got introduced to snowboarding, and I started snowboarding, there was no Olympics, no X Games, no money or anything," he says. "Basically knew I had a talent and went for it."

While Shaun says his family is always there to cheer him on, he says his mom can't bear the thought of his getting hurt. "My mom runs for the hills at [events] because the last thing she wants to see is the X Games clip," he says. "I won [the Olympic Games]. I was looking for the family for the hug—that's my favorite part. And she's booked it to the lodge. She just runs away. She doesn't want to watch."

Still, he says he wouldn't be where he is without their support. "It's funny because you put a dream in front of somebody when they're so young and it just seemed so close," he says. "I was like, 'I can do this.' And I just took every step toward it and, sure enough, it happened."


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