Lauren, sister of a plastic surgery addict

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Lauren is Jenny's 18-year-old younger sister. Jenny's plastic surgeries have made Lauren feel insecure about her own looks. "I feel like she's rejected my looks as well as hers," Lauren says. "I'm self-conscious about the way my nose looks now and how my eyebrows are too low or my breasts are too small or my hips are going to become too big."

At the same time, Lauren is disturbed by her sister's radically altered appearance.

"Honestly, I don't think she looks as good as she would if she had never had plastic surgery," she says. "I think that she looks plastic. I think fake almost, and materialistic. When we walk down the street, it's noticeable. It's almost kind of like a circus clown. I think she cut herself short. She was beautiful even before she had her surgery. … It hurts to know that my sister has changed her face so much that we don't look alike."