It's one of the most isolated and dangerous countries in the world. What we know about the humanitarian crisis in North Korea and how you can help.
Lisa Ling Lisa Ling Reflects
Her father-in-law, Won Ryul Song, fled North Korea and survived. Lisa tells his heroic story.

North Korea's crisis North Korea's Crisis
For well over a decade, hundreds of thousands have fled North Korea seeking basic necessities such as food and medicine. Learn more about the country's political work camps, food shortages and growing refugee crisis.

North Korea's statsNorth Korea: At a Glance
Don't know much about North Korea? Your beginner's guide.

North Korea's statsA Refugee's Journey
Every year, thousands of North Koreans risk their lives in hopes of a better future. Still, freedom isn't always guaranteed once they cross the border. Browse these photos to get a feel for the most important trip some people will ever make.

A child's viewA Child's Eye
What do children who have escaped North Korea remember about their homeland? View one child's chilling photo gallery to see his drawings of the experiences he'll never forget.

Joseph Joseph's Story Watch   
For this North Korean boy, soccer is more than a game, it's an escape from poverty, starvation and grief. Watch as he shares his story of escape and how soccer helps him heal.<br />

Jane  Jane's Journey Watch   
To find freedom, Jane had to flee from two countries. See how she's adjusted to life in the United States and listen to her share her dreams for North Korea.

Ki-Won Ki-Won's Freedom Watch   
While living in North Korea, Ki-Won was so hungry he ate grass. When he finally fled his motherland, he lived in hiding until one organization came to his aid. Hear his powerful story.

LiNK  Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) Watch  
In 2004, two passionate individuals set out to educate the world on the humanitarian crisis in North Korea. Watch this video to learn more about their mission. Then, visit to see how you can help.

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