Back home, it had been hours since the men had been expected to return. At 1:27 a.m., Marquis' friend alerted the Coast Guard. "We were a little more alarmed than usual because we know that the weather had already started to pick up by 1:30," Capt. Timothy Close says.

The Coast Guard launched an all-out search at 2:37 a.m., but there wasn't much to go on. "We knew it was a single-engine boat. We knew the size of the boat," Capt. Close says. "We knew who was onboard the boat, but we didn't know where they were."

Authorities were also concerned about the overnight temperature, which had dropped to 40 degrees. Hypothermia was now these men's worst enemy. "All the processes in the body just slow down, so your mind starts to slow down and you cannot think," Dr. Mark Rumbak says. "One of the main symptoms of hypothermia is the hallucinations, and you could become very aggressive. You could just start fighting and you could start beating somebody up, or just slipping off your clothes and just running away. You just become very confused and [could] do something that may, in fact, cause your death."


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