The men were thrown into 64-degree water. At first, Nick says the group thought they could flip the boat back over, but physics worked against them. "Me and Corey were toward the back of the boat and Will and Marquis were toward the top of the boat, and underneath the boat in those conditions, there's absolutely nothing to grab onto," he says. "There's absolutely no leverage."

Despite their best efforts, they couldn't flip the boat. "By that time, it was after 5," he says. "The waves were already crashing in."

Nick says Marquis kept apologizing. "'I'm so sorry you guys,' Marquis said after about a half hour in the water. He must have said it ten times. I think he felt it was his fault because he was the captain," he says. "There's these stories out there that Marquis was an inexperienced boater, which is absolutely not the truth. He knew what he was doing. He had been on the water a hundred times, a thousand times, and he was an experienced fisherman. "

As the men prepared for nightfall, Nick says Will took charge. He was able to swim underneath the boat several times and retrieve a ziplock bag with cell phones, wallets and keys, as well as three life vests and a floating seat cushion. Nick says Will gave everyone a life jacket and strapped the seat cushion onto his own back.


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