Nick says one of the reasons he wrote Not Without Hope was to help others avoid making life-threatning mistakes. Here's what the Coast Guard says everyone should take away from his story:

"The best thing to come out of this tragic case may be the lessons that other boaters can learn. Boaters should always leave a 'Float Plan' with someone ashore—including a description of the boat, names of the people onboard, where exactly they are going, and when they are expected back. 

Boaters should always wear lifejackets. Additionally, every boat should carry an Electronic Position Indicating Radiobeacon (EPIRB). An EPIRB is water-activated and will broadcast an exact position via satellite to rescue centers. 

Further, visual distress signals such as flares, strobe lights and even flashlights can be critical in helping the Coast Guard find someone in need of assistance. 

Lastly, boaters are strongly encouraged to take boating safety classes available from a number of sources for minimal cost."

Read an excerpt of Nick's book, Not Without Hope 

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