A year after the tragedy, Nick says he's doing okay. "Time definitely helps heal things," he says. "It will never be right, obviously, or feel right."

Nick says he hasn't seen a therapist. "I do talk to my friends and family," he says. "My friends and family have been out of this world. Without them, who knows?"

Though he's been back to the ocean twice, he says it wasn't easy. "Both times I went, the water had completely changed. It was so cold, it was so windy, it was so rough," he says. "It's hard to look at the water."

Nick says he thinks about Marquis, Will and Corey constantly. "I had only known Marquis for a little while, and Corey even shorter. ... Right away I knew there was something special about them," he says. "With Will, I still catch myself [asking,] 'Where's Will?' [while] doing little things. ... It's definitely been a struggle."


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