As the waves intensified, Nick fought to hold onto his weakened friend. "He was on one side of the motor. I was on the other. We both kept going under, and he was coughing," Nick says. "That happened probably five or six times. Then one time I was calling his name, and he was just not there."

Will was dead. Nick says he fought to hold onto his friend's body. "I was beyond devastated. I tried to climb back up on the boat holding a literally lifeless body," he says. "He just got away from me, and there wasn't a whole lot that I could do."

Nick says he could only watch as his friend's lifeless body slowly disappeared into the sea. "Will was not ready to go," he says. "I had to watch my best friend sit there floating in the water."

Although it was the worst moment of his life, Nick says he's grateful he got to say one thing to Will before he died. "[I said], 'I love you, man,'" Nick says. "And he said the same."


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