Around 5 a.m. on Sunday, Corey's condition continued to deteriorate. "It was definitely different from Marquis," Nick says. "[Corey] was very aggressive, screaming. Saying some things that I had never heard Corey even joke about. Which, once again, was not Corey."

Not in his right mind, Corey tried to escape the boat. "He is literally using his legs to leapfrog off the boat," Nick says. "So I'm holding on with my right hand, and he's shooting, so he's literally ripping my arm trying to get away."

Nick says Corey began speaking aggressively. Nick says he continued to hold on. "He had jumped one time across the back of the motor, and he had sliced my hand, sliced my arm on the motor prop," Nick says. In that moment, Nick says he let go of Corey.

Corey then jumped into the water. "He's roughly 6, 8 feet off the boat," Nick says. "We couldn't reach him at that point."

Nick and Will screamed as Corey ripped off his life jacket and rolled his body forward in the water. "I guess he kind of did a swan dive and put his feet in the air and just kicked down," Nick says. "We didn't see him after two seconds."


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