Aaron says one of his favorite recipes is inspired by his favorite chef, Paula Deen. When Paula heard Aaron's story, she decided to surprise him on Oprah's stage!

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Paula says she knows the healing power of the kitchen. "It really pulled my heartstrings when I heard your story because I, too, turned to my kitchen out of grief. I've never lost a child. I can't fathom the pain," she says. "But I was a child when I lost my parents, and the pain was so terrific. I would get in my kitchen, Aaron, and I would cook so that I wouldn't think about anything else but what was going on in my pots or my oven."

To help take DoughJangles to the next level, Paula offers her advice on expanding a small business—and presents the family with a $10,000 gift card to Lowe's for new kitchen appliances. A portion of every Lowe's gift card purchased before Valentine's Day will also be donated to the charities that helped Eric.

But that's not all—Nate and Paula have cooked up a few more surprises for Aaron. The family will fly down to Savannah for a behind-the-scenes look at Paula's business, and their story will be featured in Paula's magazine, Cooking with Paula. "Live your life as a tribute to your brother," she says. "Celebrate his life through yours."

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