Angela says small things remind her of Eric. "There's always something. There's a song on the radio. You've got his birthday," she says. "Then you've got the day he died. And that month I have to scratch off completely because I can't get anything done."

Nate shares some advice that helped him work through holidays and anniversaries. When Fernando's next birthday was approaching, Nate says he felt "horror." But when the day came and went, and Nate felt fine, he wondered what was wrong with him. "What I really realized for me was that the date actually doesn't have any power. The memory had the power," he says. "When I decided that I wasn't going to just automatically be sad in August and just automatically be destroyed in December, all of a sudden August and December weren't scary to me."

Angela says she's grateful to talk to someone who can relate to her situation. "To hear it from Nate and know that he's experienced a loss that great, I'm thinking, 'Okay, I'm going to give it a try.'"


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