When Nate Berkus met Angela, Jeff and their 12-year-old son, Aaron, he thought he was just helping them create a plan for Aaron's growing cookie business. Little did he know that he would be helping this family heal from the pain of losing Aaron's twin brother to brain cancer.

From the womb, Aaron and Eric were inseparable. "In the sonogram we saw once, they were holding hands," Angela says.

Their bond grew as Aaron and Eric got older. "We were alike in a lot of ways, except for he didn't like blue," Aaron says. "We played games together. We were always together, and all the times that we were, it was just so fun."

When the twins turned 6, Angela and Jeff noticed Eric started falling down the stairs. "They walked those stairs since they were, what, 10 months old? And he would fall down the stairs at night trying to go get some water or something," Angela says. "We padded the stairs. We figured he was just going through an awkward stage."

At a cookout, Angela noticed Eric couldn't hold his plate without shaking. "The alarm bells started going off," she says.

Eric was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. Treatment reduced the tumor to nearly nothing, but it came back. This time it was cancerous. Three months later, Eric died at age 9.


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