When it comes to first date dos, Patti warns against overthinking every little detail. "Basically you go on the date, you look good, you smell good, you smile," she says. "You accept the invitation, and you're receptive to it."

Patti also advises against judging and criticizing before you really get to know the person. "Don't criticize the man," she says. "You've got to be really nice to people."

Also, don't shy away from asking questions. "When you engage and you are basically asking the questions, you're the most invested in the relationship," she says.

Although Robin and Rick weren't a match, Patti says she has no doubt that Robin will find love. "She learned a lot. I am so proud of her," Patti says. "Just know he is out there. You are not going to be alone. You've got the tools. Just learn how to use them."

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