Next up in Nate and Patti's crash course in love? A surprise blind date. As Robin meets Rick for lunch at a restaurant, Nate and Patti hole up in a surveillance van right outside!

Lunch starts off well when Robin orders a beer instead of wine. "He was very impressed," Patti says. "Because what does that tell you? Down-to-earth girl."

After a toast, Robin reveals that she has chosen places to live specifically to meet people. "She sounds a little desperate that she keeps talking about she moved to Chicago to find guys," Nate says.

Patti senses that Rick is losing interest, so she sends a note to Robin through the waiter. Her instructions? Robin needs to let her hair down—literally. "The conversation was going in a really bad direction," Patti says. "I needed to shift it, and the only way to shift men is to—I hate to say this—[is to] sexually shift them. He's a guy. He's got different equipment than us. Remember that."

Nate admits he was skeptical but saw Rick's interest return as soon as Robin's ponytail was down. "I'm telling you the truth," he says. "As soon as the hair came down he was, like, 'So...'"


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