To find the right man, Patti says Robin must reevaluate her deal breakers. "Deal breakers are morals, values, interests, things that are going to change your life for the better or the worse," Patti says. "I think [her wish list] would scare any man off because it's like she's interviewing for a husband."

Robin brainstorms what she expects in an ideal mate—and comes up with 25 must-have traits!

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On paper, Patti says Robin comes off as high maintenance—a huge turnoff to most men. "A lot of guys are gun-shy in this society, and they're afraid to make mistakes," she says. "If they see that the wish list is so rigid, in their thinking, they're not going to step off the curb to date you even if they're a great guy."

Nate says Robin's list isn't the result of her being ultra-picky or cruel—it's because she's been burned before. "I think that you are tired of things not working out," he says. "So it's better to just put this all up front and say, 'Look, if you don't meet any of these characteristics, if these aren't your traits, then go away because I've already worked with all these guys and gone out and it hasn't happened.'"

Robin agrees and says she's ready to take the next step. "We're going to wipe the slate clean right now," Patti says. "I want to start from scratch because we need a new life and a new you."


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