He proved he can handle a minivan, three kids and a busy mom's to-do list with ease, not to mention orchestrating a va-va-voom high school reunion makeover for a deserving teacher. Now, Nate Berkus is playing matchmaker.

Outside the design showroom, Nate's known as a straight shooter when it comes to dating advice. His new mission is to help 41-year-old Robin get her dating life back on track.

From ages 16 to 26, Robin says she never went a day without a boyfriend. Now, she spends nights at home with her three cats. "I was homecoming princess, cheerleading captain," she says. "I'm not unfortunate looking. I'm still the same size I was in high school and college. No need for Botox yet. I'm completely independent."

Still, Robin says she just can't find a guy she likes. "I can literally be at a street fest with thousands of people and not meet a single guy I want to talk to," she says. "Then when I finally do meet someone who tickles my fancy, the guy ends up not being into me. I've pretty much given up hope."


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