Kathleen and Vicky
Nate Berkus has always been an Oprah Show favorite for his top-notch decorating skills, but these days he's using his eye for style for more than just the home. He wows us with house makeovers, but can he conquer a fashion renovation?

Vicky and Kathleen have been best friends for more than 40 years. For Kathleen's upcoming 25th high school reunion, Vicky has a surprise in store. "She didn't know what to do about the reunion because she didn't have a date," Vicky says. "She's been trying to lose weight so she can look great, and I want Kathleen to walk into that reunion with the cutest guy in the entire world on her arm. I want her to go with Nate."
Kathleen gets a big surprise.
Kathleen, a fifth-grade teacher, has no idea what's in store. Oprah, Nate and Vicky call her on a school day to break the news. Kathleen's principal is in on the surprise and calls Kathleen to her office. "I need to see her right away," Principal O'Shea says.
When Kathleen gets to the principal's office, she's confused to see Vicky waiting to speak with her. "I want to tell you that I got you a date for our high school reunion and he's right here with me," Vicky says. "Do you want to meet him?"

Kathleen is shocked to see cutie-pie Nate! "This is fabulous!" she says. 

Nate's as thrilled as Kathleen for the big day. "I'm so excited to be your date," he says. "I'm going to spend the day with you to get you ready for your reunion in New York City. Clothes, hair, the whole thing."
Kathleen and Vicky
The reunion preparations begin in Manhattan, where Kathleen and Vicky meet Nate for a clothing overhaul. But first, Nate and the women get to know each other. Vicky says she wanted to provide Kathleen with this special day because she's had some hard times recently. "Kathleen is the kind of person who has always lived her life right," Vicky says. "She's the most honest person I know. But life threw her a curveball."

Kathleen says a defining struggle in her life has been her battle with infertility. "That was a very, very dark, difficult time for me," she says. "It took six years before I was able to have my children, and at six weeks pregnant, I saw three little heartbeats." 

Five months after Kathleen's triplets were born, she says her marriage fell apart. The divorce was big news in her small town. "When I leave the room, [people] tell that story," Kathleen says. 

Vicky hopes this dream date will make Kathleen the talk of the town for a different reason. "I want to change her story," she says. "I don't want her to be Kathleen, the one who got a divorce when she had 5-month-old triplets."
Nate Berkus and Kathleen go shopping.
The shopping day begins at Saks Fifth Avenue where Nate sets out to replace Kathleen's old clothes with an updated outfit. Kathleen tries on a ton of options before she and Nate settle on the perfect number. "This is very hard work," Nate says. "It's easier picking out a sofa!"

The next stop on their whirlwind makeover tour is celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan's salon. "Nate and I agree that you are meant to be a gorgeous blonde bombshell," Rita says. 

Finally, makeup and an edgy new haircut. Makeup artist Mally Roncal says the focus should be on Kathleen's gorgeous eyes. "The thing I can do to help you is give you the smoky eye that Mr. Nate required," Mally says.
Nate Berkus and Kathleen sing Summer Lovin'.
When the reunion day arrives, Kathleen has a completely new look and is ready to wow her old classmates. Nate, always a gentleman, meets Kathleen at her house. They head together to the reunion, where Kathleen definitely turns heads. "I'm in shock," one woman says. "I didn't recognize you!"

Kathleen's known around town as the karaoke queen, so she and Nate close out the evening with a duet of Grease's "Summer Nights."

When it's all over, Kathleen says she had the time of her life. "I do have a new story, and it's a wonderful and positive one," she says. "I'm so grateful."
Nate Berkus and Vicky
Kathleen's makeover and date with Nate was a lot fun, but it was also an eye-opener, she says. "I learned that people have a different perception of me than I thought they had," she says. "I was not feeling great about how I looked, and when I was telling people this was going to happen, they said: 'You don't need a makeover. What is that about?' That just gave me a lot more confidence."

Vicky says the date accomplished everything she's hoped for. "Every time I looked over at [Kathleen], she just had the biggest smile on her face," she says. "And Nate was so wonderful. He was the perfect date, by her side the whole night."

Kathleen has only one small complaint for Nate. "You never called me the next day!"


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