The reunion preparations begin in Manhattan, where Kathleen and Vicky meet Nate for a clothing overhaul. But first, Nate and the women get to know each other. Vicky says she wanted to provide Kathleen with this special day because she's had some hard times recently. "Kathleen is the kind of person who has always lived her life right," Vicky says. "She's the most honest person I know. But life threw her a curveball."

Kathleen says a defining struggle in her life has been her battle with infertility. "That was a very, very dark, difficult time for me," she says. "It took six years before I was able to have my children, and at six weeks pregnant, I saw three little heartbeats." 

Five months after Kathleen's triplets were born, she says her marriage fell apart. The divorce was big news in her small town. "When I leave the room, [people] tell that story," Kathleen says. 

Vicky hopes this dream date will make Kathleen the talk of the town for a different reason. "I want to change her story," she says. "I don't want her to be Kathleen, the one who got a divorce when she had 5-month-old triplets."


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