Kathleen, a fifth-grade teacher, has no idea what's in store. Oprah, Nate and Vicky call her on a school day to break the news. Kathleen's principal is in on the surprise and calls Kathleen to her office. "I need to see her right away," Principal O'Shea says.
When Kathleen gets to the principal's office, she's confused to see Vicky waiting to speak with her. "I want to tell you that I got you a date for our high school reunion and he's right here with me," Vicky says. "Do you want to meet him?"

Kathleen is shocked to see cutie-pie Nate! "This is fabulous!" she says. 

Nate's as thrilled as Kathleen for the big day. "I'm so excited to be your date," he says. "I'm going to spend the day with you to get you ready for your reunion in New York City. Clothes, hair, the whole thing."


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