Chris discusses why he loves being a father to Lola and Zahra.

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Chris keeps audiences in hysterics with his sharp, witty comedy, but he has the time of his life raising his daughters. "When I was a kid, I used to catch my father just staring at us a lot, and I used to feel sorry for my father because he worked so hard. ... I used to go, 'I wonder what he really wanted to do. What did he really want to do? All these kids—he could have done so much,'" Chris says. "And now that I have children, I realize taking care of my children is more fun than anything in the whole world. It's like what he really wanted to do is take care of his kids, and that's what I really want to do."

Having children also changed his perspective on fame. When Malaak was pregnant with Lola, she says Chris was worried the commotion of photographers and fans would prevent him from taking his kids out in public. But now he plays with Lola and Zahra in the park all the time. "You know, you get famous and you work in these weird jobs and you don't have a lot in common with people. But once you have kids, you have everything in common with everybody," Chris says.