Costumes, theater and fame aside, Elton says he's now in the best place he can be in life. "I am so comfortable. I've been with David for 17 years," he says. "It's important that you have someone really wonderful to share your life with."

In 2009, Elton says he and David even tried to adopt two Ukrainian boys. "Unfortunately, it was so complicated that we couldn't do it. There were too many laws that said we couldn't do it in Ukraine," he says. "It broke our heart because we fell in love with these kids. One was 15 months; one was 3. They were brothers. One was HIV-positive, and one wasn't."

Despite their heartbreak—which played out in the media—Elton says he and David are still discussing adoption. "I said until that point no [to fatherhood] because I'm too old," he says. "And I thought: 'You know what, Elton? You're not too old. You're still very young at heart. You've done everything you possibly can in your career—the only thing you haven't done is be a good parent.'"

Elton says he's ready for the challenge of parenting. "I think that life's all about learning," he says. "It's all about as you get older trying to learn a little bit more, trying to change the way you are. And I think that a child probably would be the icing on the cake."


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