In addition to his unforgettable songs, Elton's also known for his outrageous outfits. "It was a part of my life which I had so much fun," he says. "I lived as a teenager and I didn't really have the ability or the chance to wear what I wanted to as a kid. So I think when I became successful in 1970, all hell broke loose."

Elton says his costumes let him unleash his inner rock star. "When you're sitting at the piano, you're not David Bowie, you're not Mick Jagger, you're not Rod Stewart, you're not Freddie Mercury," he says. "So I just needed to put some attention on me."

Years ago, his costumes made a statement. Today, Elton sells most of them for charity. "We sell clothes every two years," he says. "David and I take our personal wardrobe, sell them all and give the money to the AIDS foundation, and sometimes we sell a couple of stage outfits as well."


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