Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey

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In the midst of the seizures, doctor visits and divorce, Jenny met the man she was looking for, actor Jim Carrey.

The pair hit it off right away, but Jenny says she waited a few months to tell him about Evan's diagnosis. "I did not tell him initially, you know, 'Hi, how are you? I have a child with autism. Do you want to date me?'" she says. "It's something you're personally kind of afraid to share."

In the beginning, Jenny says she was just looking for someone to hold her and notice her pretty new blouse. "I just needed that so badly," she says.

At one point in their relationship, Jenny says she had to say goodbye to Jim because Evan's condition was getting worse. Suddenly, she says her priorities went from kissing Jim on the sofa to focusing solely on her child's health.

When Evan began to recover, Jenny's "girl instincts" took over. She says she sent Jim a text message that said, "Is there still room on your sofa or has the seat been filled?" Jim replied, "Your seat will always be here."

From that day on, Jenny says Jim has been a big part of her and Evan's life. "He has been so wonderful in Evan's life," she says. "Let me tell you, ladies, Jim Carrey knows a lot about autism. He has been through it all with me. ... He did fall in love with Evan, and he's so good with him. [He's] opened his heart and the relationship is great."