Moonlite Bunny Ranch
Ever wonder what really happens behind closed doors? We're throwing them wide open and taking you inside places you never thought you'd see—including the Moonlite BunnyRanch! 

Located in Carson, City, Nevada, the Moonlite BunnyRanch is one of America's most famous legal brothels. With more than 500 licensed employees, there are usually between 30 and 40 women living and working in the house.
Brooke Taylor
Brooke Taylor grew up playing the French horn in her high school band and graduated from college to work with developmentally disabled adults. Now, she's one of the women who call Moonlite BunnyRanch home two weeks out of every month.
Brooke says she was living paycheck to paycheck when she found out about the BunnyRanch. "I saw this as an opportunity to make a good income and at a very young age," she says. "I'm my own boss, I make my own schedule, I have complete control."
Brooke Taylor says she typically sees one client a day.
Brooke says she typically sees one client a day. "Every now and again I'll have two," she says. "I only have one body, and I want it to be worth what they're spending the money on."

Some clients have appointments, and others drop in, Brooke says, but all negotiations for services take place privately. "If the customer wants to have a drink at the bar, we'll stop and I'll let him get a drink," she says. "Then we come back to my room and we discuss really what they want to do and for how long."

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Brooke Taylor says clients pay in an office called the Hooker Booker.
What if a client wants to do something Brooke isn't comfortable with? "We do not have to do anything or anyone we are not comfortable doing for a price we're not comfortable doing," she says. "If for some reason it's not working out between me and someone, I just ask them nicely and introduce them to one of my friends who may be able to accommodate their needs."

When she's finished with a client, Brooke says she relaxes with a bath or plays with her dog. "You really can't take care of other people or offer other people a good time unless you're taking care of yourself," she says.
Brooke Taylor says she doesn't like being called a prostitute.
Call her a professional, a working girl or an independent contractor—but Brooke doesn't like being called a prostitute. "It's not a broad enough term for what I do. Some days I'm paid for sex, which is what the term prostitute means, and some days I'm not," she says. "Sometimes I'm just paid for my company or to go have dinner with them."

Brooke says a man once paid her to simply be a nagging wife for a day. "He had never been married, and he worked 30 years around his co-workers and they complained about their nagging wives," she says. "I was the one that nagged him all day, and then he had his mistresses at night."
Brooke Taylor says she doesn't plan to work at the bunny ranch past 30.
Like many women, Brooke says she's not always in the mood. "That's the great thing about being my own boss. I can decide what days that I want to work and what days I don't," she says.

Brooke lives in Los Angeles and only spends two weeks a month at the BunnyRanch. "You can very easily start to view your own self as an object and only an object. So it's very good to take time off," she says.

Still, Brooke says she only plans to stay in the business for another two years. "I don't want to be in this business after 30," she says. "I do believe that this is a bridge from A to B. It's to get you to the next spot, but it's not someplace that you should sit for too terribly long."
Brooke Taylor says her clients often become friends of hers.
When Brooke is working, does she enjoy herself sexually? "In a sense it's all in a day's work," she says. "But it's always an enjoyable experience for me. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be here."

Brooke admits she has more chemistry with some men than others, and she says she's also become friends with a lot of her clients. "Ninety-eight percent of my business is repeat clientèle, so they're not strangers anymore," she says. "I have one guy I've been seeing every month for three years. He's certainly not a stranger—he's now a friend."
Bunny ranch worker Brooke Taylor says there are some downsides to her line of work.
Although she loves her life, Brooke says there are some downsides to her line of work. "I lost a lot of friends when I came into this business," she says. "A lot of people may prejudge me for what I do."

Dating can also be difficult. "It has to be a very open individual that you're with," she says. "Professionally, the guys come in here, it's all laid out on the table, everything's agreed upon and you move on with it. In a relationship, you know, not everything's put on the table up front. So you can have it, but it can be tricky."

Brooke Taylor
One person who has always been supportive, Brooke says, is her mother. "Of course my mom would think that going to law school would be a good idea. But my mom knew that I was 24 years old, that I was an adult, and she had two choices," she says. "One was to support me and still have me be a part of her life, and the other was to not have me be a part of her life. And, thankfully, my mother knows what unconditional love is and she chose to stick by me."

Although her father wasn't supportive at first, Brooke says she now has a closer relationship with him. "Once you open yourself up to your parents and say, 'Hey, I'm a sexual being and this is what I'm doing with that side of myself,' there's really nothing else to hide."

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