Though Evander is still missing a small part of his ear, he says he has moved past his anger. "It was just shocking. It wasn't really as bad as they made it out to be. The most important thing is that things happen for a reason, but it's how you handle it," he says. "At that moment, I was very angry. But eventually, when it's all over, you realize that you gain more than you lost. ... The most important thing for me was to forgive, and I forgave him and I was ready to move on."

Mike has said that the few times they've run into each other, Evander has seemed leery of Mike. "He never says a word. The guy doesn't talk. When he looks at me, I feel like I'm having a face-off with him every time I meet the guy," Mike says. "I met him not too long ago at the ESPY awards and I just wanted to talk to him, but he was just so stoic he doesn't want to talk." 

Evander says that's not the case and he hasn't avoided Mike. But now that they are face-to-face on Oprah's stage, Mike has the opportunity he's been waiting for. "This is a beautiful guy," Mike says. "Me and this guy both come from basically the sewage, and we watched each other grow to become established and esteemed fighters, you know what I mean? I just want you to know it's just been a pleasure passing through life being acquainted with you."


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