In 1997, Mike and Evander Holyfield met in a widely anticipated fight. At the end of the third round, Mike bit Evander twice, once in each ear. The incident went down as one of the most talked-about moments in boxing history. 

When Mike first spoke with Oprah, he said that though he's officially apologized, he wasn't sincere at the time. "Everybody on my crew would get on my nerves. I said, 'Okay, I apologize.' Really I was more offended for apologizing because it was so insincere," he says. Now that time has passed, Mike wants an opportunity to meet Evander face-to-face. "I just always wanted to have a place to sit down and talk to him and shake his hand and just express myself to him."

After Oprah and Mike's first interview aired, Evander called to say he wanted to talk with Mike about the fight. They are meeting on the Oprah Show stage to talk about the infamous incident for the first time in more than 10 years.


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