In his first interview with Oprah, Mike discussed the recent loss of his daughter. One viewer, Christopher, says Mike's words really hit home with him. "I, too, recently lost my 17-month-old daughter, and I was so devastated. She passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome nine months ago. I found her face down, not breathing, and it destroyed me," he says. "My fiancée and I have been very depressed and have drowned ourselves in our work. The pain has been indescribable. Seeing Mike talk about the loss of his daughter made me think it's okay to cry and ask for help." 

Mike says he's in the same boat as Christopher. "I'm fighting too, just as much as he is," Mike says. "If I was two years dumber, I would have killed some people. ... You hold it in for so long because you just don't know what to do, but my first response is violence. I know how to do that really well."

Learning a new way of responding to life's struggles is a new priority for Mike. "To set an example for the other children I have, I have to be strong," he says.


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