Another viewer said seeing Mike talk about his struggle with drugs inspired him to face his own addiction. "We have a lot of the same issues—drugs, alcohol. I always had to be first in everything," the viewer wrote. "I just started a new fight against my alcoholism. When I listened to what Mike had to say, it made me realize that I'm in the 12th and final round of my fight. It's either I'm going to throw a haymaker and win or I'll probably end up dead. ... Mike's honesty may have saved my life."

Mike says he can relate to the viewer's battle. "I have an affinity to him. I understand that addiction because so many different agendas can set it off and trigger it. Like, I want to get high now because I'm afraid to death of fame because I know what fame can do to me," he says. "When I was this 'Iron Mike Tyson' guy or whoever he was, that guy haunts me. So I'm very apprehensive with fame."


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