Some of the tracks on Michael's new album were finished by his longtime producer and friend, Teddy Riley. Teddy worked with Michael for more than 18 years on some of his most successful albums, including Dangerous, HIStory and Invincible. He was also one of six producers and engineers who verified the authenticity of Michael's voice on the controversial new tracks.

"You can hear the authenticity in his voice, and you can hear the natural part of him," Teddy says. "And no one can really do a scream like that strong scream on here. I don't care [who you get]—they would never be able to duplicate Michael's voice."

Many people, including members of Michael's family and those who worked with him over the years, are saying the new songs on MICHAEL should not be released. They say Michael was a perfectionist and wouldn't have wanted the public to hear his songs until they were perfect and complete. However, Eddie believes Michael would have wanted these songs released for his fans. "Michael recorded for his fans, and it deserves to come out and the fans deserve to hear the musical genius that Michael really is,” Eddie says.


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